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LCC Job Fair Poster by wastingtape LCC Job Fair Poster by wastingtape
This was an assignment for my "Layout and Design" class. The client was the head of a department of Leeward Community College's "get a job" division. She wanted an 8 1/2" x 11" poster/flyer for hanging around the campus. She wished for it to be "eye" catching, and to contain the text it does, especially date and location.

This was the second of two designs i did. My first featured a cloud filled with the text you see and a big caption "Dream Big". This was ok, but slightly boring.

I re-invented the look with this one, and had the idea for a bright poster with an art related caption. Although it's not about art, it really gives the feeling of excitement and creative possiblities.

The poster was constructed with Adobe InDesign. The background was created in Adobe Illustrator. I linked both background and main text as separate documents.

The download includes the original InDesign file, a few takes of the background, and the document text. It also includes the JPG you see here and an exported PDF, as well as my first attempt.

The screenshot is a bit harsh on the edges of the paint since i had to zoom out to 80% to see the entire page. It looks fine on the actual PDF though. ;) (Wink)
Caliph-Vizer Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2006
Wow the layout on this is really awesome!! I envy your design skills.
Although since there is alot going on with the contrast of white and bright colours,
it might be an idea to stroke all the important headings, just to catch the viewrs attention a bit more.
+fav!! <3
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February 27, 2003
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